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Meet Prem Vas

Info-prepreneur, International author, motivational speaker and an ACSTH Accredited Career & Life Coach with ICF Membership. 

Lieutenant Colonel Prem Vas (Retired) has more than three decades of exciting professional career behind him in the Indian Armed Forces and the Corporate. He was an Artillery Officer in the Indian Army and led a Commando Team with the Black Cats as a young Captain. The decade-plus in the Corporate saw him in four different industries in many roles heading Human Resources (HR) team in various capacities including a stint as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of private-public-partnership project .

Why do I need Coaching?

Everybody is successful in various degrees in their life, nobody fails 100%.

Coaching is for taking yourself to the next level of excellence in your professional career, personal life, sustaining relationship, driving goals and achieving what you desire.


Sometimes we know the answers, but unable to move forward – we are unsure, are at cross roads unable to take a decision or simply do not know whom to reach out to as a sounding board or look for that inspiration.

It takes tremendous amount of trust & confidentiality to reach out – That’s where I come in as a certified coach to enable you to excel from whatever your current position is.


Packed with three decades of professional and personal experience dealing in enhancing human potential, I will walk with you in your journey from present to future.

Few of many possibilities that can be explored by the Power of Coaching are:


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