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Meet Prem Vas

Life, Leadership and Career Transition Coach, International author, and motivational speaker.

Lieutenant Colonel Prem Vas (Retired) has more than 3+ decades of exciting professional career behind him in the Indian Armed Forces and the Corporate. He was an Artillery Officer in the Indian Army and led a Commando Team with the Black Cats as a young Captain. The decade-plus in the Corporate saw him in four different industries in many roles heading Human Resources (HR) teams in various capacities including a stint as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of private-public-partnership project and also a Management Consultant.


Why do I need Coaching?

Everybody is successful in various degrees in their life, nobody fails 100%.

Coaching is for taking yourself to the next level of excellence in your professional career, personal life, sustaining relationship, driving goals and achieving what you desire.


Sometimes we know the answers, but unable to move forward – we are unsure, are at cross roads unable to take a decision or simply do not know whom to reach out to as a sounding board or look for that inspiration.

It takes a tremendous amount of trust & confidentiality to reach out – That’s where I come in as a certified coach to enable you to excel from whatever your current position is.


Packed with 3+ decades of professional and personal experience dealing in enhancing human potential, I will walk with you in your journey from present to future.

Few of many possibilities that can be explored by the Power of Coaching are:


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From My
Latest Book

In the new world order of job opportunities, you are likely to be interviewed/interacted a number of times in your career life-span from an intern to a CEO. Thus, Interviews are a part of life, and its only natural that you develop an attitude to win at it, come what may.

In a crisp, easy-to-read conversational style, this book will help you with essentials that will make you 'Stand Out of the crowd' when you appear for interviews.

Lt Col Prem Vas, as an Armed Forces Instructor and an established Corporate Leader in HR, has squeezed the essence of winning interviews in a no-nonsense content having done countless interviews.




As the title suggests, you really can rock any interview, virtual or attending a regular interview, if you read this book.  It's an amazing insight into the prep and do's and don'ts before an interview. He speaks from an army background, where discipline and very clear thinking are paramount.He has researched it threadbare and it's a go-to book for anyone, any age, who' s about to attend an interview You'll definitely get the job, if you follow his Instructions. Kudos  Colonel, I feel like attending an interview after reading it Thank you for this book. Every job seeker will benefit from this. Rock it guys!



Colonel Prem Vas has packed his army experiences of a most challenging first career and rich wisdom following years of corporate HR experiences of his second innings to produce this most useful and exciting guide for those embarking on a new career. Grab this book and you'll thank the day you did !!


A crystal clear lined up fact list of the very reason of interviews, interviewers' expectations and lots more. I would call it a "Handbook" that every professional looking out for prospects should have rather than a "Book"

Jean Djeachandrane


Covers all facets of an interview, and elaborates exact scenarios that a candidates face. Read the book, and you shall improve the chances of cracking and ace-ing any interview! Special shout out to the part on virtual interview

Highly recommend!


The book encompasses all aspects of an interview, and describes precise scenarios that a candidate may encounter while appearing for one. Reading the book will enhance the prospects of any individual who might be appearing for an interview of any variety.


A must for all who are looking to crack their first interviews. The book deliberates on best practices to prepare for interviews that will not only make you confident but also help you build a persona to look sharp and positive that is so critical for a strong recall when final selection decisions are made. 

Awesome Content! 

Rahul Rai

Career Coaching, Undergraduate

It was good time spent with Prem Vas sir. I was unclear about my future plans before the sessions. Now I am 85% (8.5/10) sure about my career plans.

I learnt how to organise my thoughts and future steps based on actual data. I have found a road to move forward on. How long I am able to walk that road is unclear, but I have chosen a road based on my interest and a good destination.

I will suggest the classes to anyone I know stuck with their career decisions.  The sessions were clear, friendly and relaxing.

Career Coaching 10th Std

I am (….) and I did a few sessions with you for career coaching. I am glad to say that this session proved worthwhile and a lot helpful.

The session helped in figuring out what course would be best for me and even narrowed down my choice of career. The sessions even helped me choose that I would find interest in rather than I will be forced to choose just because it has better career options.

Thank you so much sir for your valuable guidance and your time to help me build a path for my future. 

SSB Aspirant

Our sessions were productive. My key takeaway was the importance of making realistic decisions. This was my first professional coaching session; I now sincerely appreciate the power of coaching.

Your military experience does not influence your sessions – I strongly commend that. In fact, it supplements your coaching skills. The coaching sessions helped me plan better, but the conversations about the army were the fuel that will propel me.


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