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The Math of Tough Times!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

"The Math of Tough Times is essentially a simple formula of Intensity of Tough Times ( I of T )"

This “Math of Tough Times” was first introduced in my webinar video “How to handle tough times” on 20th June 2020. In that session, I had indicated that Tough Times are part of life and nobody can escape it. From the time that we are born & until we die, we are bound to face tough times. While we cannot influence the external factors that bring in tough times, we certainly can influence the way we react to tough times. More often than not, it is our perception of how to handle tough times that determines whether we are on top of it or are we weighed down by it.

The Intensity of Tough Times (I of T) may vary depending on the situation or the stresses of relationships that confronts us at that particular point of time. Why I am saying at that ‘particular point of time’ is because of the reality that tough times don’t last and for time immemorial it has been evidenced that ‘this too shall pass”. The “ math of tough times ” is my own postulated formula predominantly for the left-brained to grasp the idea of something abstract as to what goes into making of tough times! So, I am possessive of it and hence it’s my copyright! 😊! The interest that got raked up post the video going live on my YouTube Channel “VAS ViBES”, led me to blog it here.

The Math of Tough Times is essentially a simple formula of Intensity of Tough Times ( I of T ) as resultant of a combination of coefficients and variables in the form of “Situation” and “Relationships” depicted by “ s ” & “ r ” respectively. The higher the value of I of T, the more intense is your depiction of tough times.

To explain the above with an example, lets consider the coefficient ‘3’ of the variable ‘s’. It indicates three situations like say (1) the pandemic that we are facing, (2) the job loss and (3) depleting savings. All these 3 ‘situations’ depicts the coefficient ‘3’ for the variable “s”.

Similarly, the coefficient 2 could be relationship conflicts that you are facing currently with (1) your boss and (2) your neighbour. Thus, 2 depicts the coefficient of ‘r’ as the tough times in relationships. Both these combinations, the situation ( s ) and the relationship ( r ) gives the Intensity of the Tough times ( I of T ).

Quite Easily Done!

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