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Stuck in your tracks?

In the speed of our doing many things in our life in today’s hyper active world, we tend to push certain aspects of our genuine expectations behind or are at the cross-roads of a decision making and not sure where to go. Some of the areas where Coaching can help resolve are:

*Across All Ages:*

  • Managing Career Transitioning whether junior, middle or senior professionals as a result of lay off and stagnation or for better prospects. A lot of pandemic affected cases from Associates, Middle Managers to Managing Directors/CEOs have been able to find clarity of purpose including managing change of career profile.

  • Hand holding Armed Forces Officers for career transition from 'Uniform to Civvies'. 

  • Choosing the right career for young aspirants. Students of high school and early career positioning of interns, undergraduates and postgraduates to avoid expensive career choice mistakes.

  • Nuance of excelling at interviews. My speciality! Having written a book on it, I have been able to raise the confidence levels from 38 % to 81% in recorded metrics. People who have had repeated interview failures could crack their next one after my sessions with them.

  • Dealing with indecisiveness on a professional or personal issue. A few simple workable solutions identified during my sessions gets them to take charge of themselves.

  • Dissatisfaction with work environment. Post sessions, clients have been able to alter mind-set to derive workable alternatives.  

  • Finding a meaningful purpose of life. Ability to do what one wants based on own strengths and working on areas of improvements.

  • Coping with work life balance. Post the sessions, clients have been able to find their fulcrum!

  • How do I organize my day to day life for efficiency? Identifying simple steps to living life with competence and efficiency.

  • Inability to break habits. Want to enjoy breaking lousy habits?

  • What do I do to lead a purposeful and meaningful life? My sessions help discover that for yourself – your way!

*For Students, Freshers, Graduates and Post Graduates*

  • How to select career options? Another popular sessions of mine!

  • How to deal with fears – anxiety of examination, career, facing interviews, communicating, etc? A favourite among youngsters

  • Getting rid of social media addiction. What support systems you need to create to ward off this dragon.

  • Improving relationships with peers, friends, parents & teachers. All of us  go through this in our lives and I help people find their true worth which sometimes involves joint sessions.

  • Dealing with a confused mind. What to do when we are at cross roads?

  • Improving communication skills. Sessions on identifying and breaking the barriers of communication.

  • Preparing to transit from campus to corporate. A favourite among MBAs & Grads.

Please click here to send in your area of interest & improvements to develop.


You will need 4 to 8 coaching sessions of approximately one hour each at your convenience based on rate of progress for addressing your area of concern comprehensively.

Important Notes:

  • Your interaction with the coach is bound by trust & strict confidentiality. Others need not know the content of the session, unless you wish to disclose it yourself.

  • The sessions are based on non-judgmental questions and seeking to understand the core of concern to address effectively with the client’s commitment and ownership. 

  • It is essential the client is keen to address the issue through coaching, as there will be clear plan of action to implement.

  • To have an introductory session to understand your coaching requirement further, please click the following link.

(Due to Confidentiality Clause associated with all coaching clients, names cannot be revealed)

Principal Designer,
3 times interview failure

Thank you very much for tips on interview the other day. Had an interview in the evening same day, and went very well. Your inputs and guidance helped a lot.

Prem Sir’s methodical approach to writing a book, the discipline associated with it and his ability to understand the depth of the author’s mind is phenomenal. Being an International Author himself, his connect and empathy of writer’s challenge are just what is needed to make the art of writing a book seem so easy!

Managing Director,
Doha, Qatar

I attended Lt Col Prem Vas coaching sessions. I can proudly say that it was a great session. I got clarity on my purpose. It was great comfort to me. It reminded me what is important and to focus on my goals. Apart from that, I could handle a lot of my limitations and unwanted thoughts.

Writing a Book

Indian Army

I having spent 20 years in the Army, was at crossroads to decide on future course of action. While I was looking for someone, I reached out to Col Prem Vas through VAS ViBES.

I had about three sessions with him to understand my strengths weaknesses and requirements and in the end we could work out a workable plan.

So the best part of him was about his ocean of experience in handling human behaviour more than his credentials or certifications. It was a worthy interaction and I think it was worth it.

Lieutenant Colonel,
Indian Army

At the very outset I would like to thank you for the help you have provided me in preparing my Resume and LinkedIn profile. It was a tremendous experience for me to go through the process of the entire program. You have given individual online sessions which has really given me a lot of confidence.


Best part was that you understood my specific future requirements and my past experience in the forces. Your patience, experience and knowledge was very helpful. I am really thankful to you for this. You are really a Mentor !

Indian Army

It was indeed privileged to have been associated with you since our interaction on a webinar delivered by you and your team on Resume Building and Mock Interview session.

I am grateful to you for successive reiterations of my resume, gone over by you and finally refining it to a level where I can now pitch to any level in the corporate world.

Your tips to crack an interview and well-written book HOW TO SHARPEN YOUR INTERVIEW SKILLS also is a great piece for all to keep, it comes in handy to offer it as a wonderful gift too.

Career Coaching, Undergraduate

It was good time spent with Prem Vas sir. I was unclear about my future plans before the sessions. Now I am 85% (8.5/10) sure about my career plans.

I learnt how to organise my thoughts and future steps based on actual data. I have found a road to move forward on. How long I am able to walk that road is unclear, but I have chosen a road based on my interest and a good destination.

I will suggest the classes to anyone I know stuck with their career decisions.  The sessions were clear, friendly and relaxing.

Career Coaching 10th Std

I am (….) and I did a few sessions with you for career coaching. I am glad to say that this session proved worthwhile and a lot helpful.

The session helped in figuring out what course would be best for me and even narrowed down my choice of career. The sessions even helped me choose that I would find interest in rather than I will be forced to choose just because it has better career options.

Thank you so much sir for your valuable guidance and your time to help me build a path for my future. 

SSB Aspirant

Our sessions were productive. My key takeaway was the importance of making realistic decisions. This was my first professional coaching session; I now sincerely appreciate the power of coaching.

Your military experience does not influence your sessions – I strongly commend that. In fact, it supplements your coaching skills. The coaching sessions helped me plan better, but the conversations about the army were the fuel that will propel me.

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