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Let’s Help You Get There!

Dear All,
At crossroads of career transition from Uniform to civvies?


"Do you have it in you" is making a comeback in a different avatar!

The best thing is it can be a smooth and enjoyable comeback - as long as you learn the ropes and take action plans.

This is where I come in as your coach and mentor for career transition! :-) !
With two decades plus in the Armed Forces (AF) and another decade plus in the
corporate as Chief of Operations and Head of HR in four different industries, I am keen
to add value to your transition.
Thanks to the grooming the AF have given us – we can leverage our strengths to our
advantage at excelling in our second career. 
Be open minded and ready to roll up your sleeves.  There will be no DS solutions or
PCKs. We will work on your strengths and capabilities to figure out what is your best

To help make informed and conscious decision, I have the following one hour sessions
designed for Officer's transiting from Uniform to Civvies along with the investment
required for each:

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